Online Class

Student / Becoming Student
You must sign up to become a student. You need to provide your name, email and password to sign up

Student / Purchased courses
TO check your purchased course list, click the 'My course' section at the header bar. Then youâ

Student / Wishlists
You can add any course in your wishlist. No restriction for adding course here. This section can be

Student / Messaging
In messaging section you can chat with your course instructor. By selecting ‘Compose’ button yo

Student / Purchase history
You can check your purchase history for your course in the purchse history section. Such as date, pr

Student / Updating user profile
In 'User profile' section you can update your personal information. You can also add social link

By default the user will be able to access the website, all courses, their profile, message, course

How to apply for an Instructor?
Applying for becoming an instructor is really easy. You just need to fill this form up and submit

Welcome to Instructor Panel
Once you have approved as Instructor by Admin, bunch of options will be available on the navigation

Create Course as Instructor
Creating and managing a Course as Instructor is similar to creating a course as an Admin. You can c

What does Sales Report have
As we knew before, Instructor can create course and make it published. Other users also can purcha

How to Request for a withdrawal
Instructor can request only one Payout request at a time. That means if a Payout request status is

Configure Payout Settings
Payout settings are mandatory for getting the payout request paid or processed. Provide all the pa

Admin / Course dashboard
Admin manages all courses, Approved Pending Courses from instructors, sell own courses directly.

Category manager.
Course Categories can be organized very easily with unlimited top categories and sub categories.

Course List.
Admin gets access to all the courses and can also edit or delete any course he wants.

Course manager.
Managing courses is way easier and user friendly in Academy. It comes with a comprehensive user exp

Instructor List.
Admin can see all the registered Instructor in academy. As admin, he has the opportunity to update

Instructor settings.
Allowing or disallowing public instructor, instructor commission percentage can be setup here.

Instructor applications.
If public instructor is enabled, users can apply for becoming an instructor.Admin is the one who can

Student list.
Admin can see all the registered student list from the admin panel.

Manual course enrollment
Instead of online purchase, admin can enroll a student to a course by own choice.

Enrolment history.
Admin can see all the enrolment history. He can also filter by date range.

Course sales report.
Admin can see all the sales report with date information. He can also filter the list by date range

Internal messaging.
Admin has the opportunity to get connected with all the student or instructor through internal mess

Addon manager
Academy supports several addons. Admin is the one who can install those addons.

Portal setup Settings.
To run Academy you need to setup some necessary settings data. Like System settings, Instructor set

Manage language
Admin can create multi languages and can set a language to system language. Admin can also modify the phrase according to his preference.

Profile manager
As a user he also has a profile manager section, where he can update his own data and password.

Quick actions.
A quick action button can come in handy while using the application. Instructors can add a course o